About Us

Healing Oasis

At Healing Oasis we can guide you in order to revitalize, refresh, & enhance any aspect of your life, whether it be love, health, or wealth through our unique chakra balancing programs or oil treatments. We are here to help you improve, heal and balance your life, so you can enjoy & have a more successful life. 

Healing Oasis is lead by Fatima Val

Healing Oasis services include: 

• Cleansing Treatments • Healing Treatments • Love Therapy • Photo or Telepathic Therapy • Chakra Balancing • Energy Renewal • Phone Call Readings • Life Coach Lessons • Reiki Healing Sessions • Personalized Herbal Healing Treatments Our New Product Line: • Chakra Candles • Treasure Garden Incense Boxes • Love Therapy Oils • Blossom Healing Pouches • Herbal Healing Treatments • Energy Renewal Roots


Fatima is a gifted intuitive with a mixture of ESP and telepathic healing abilities inherited through her family tree, consisting of a few generations of healers.

She graduated with honors from the Tibetan healing institute created by Tibetan monks and led by prominent Tibetan healers and professors. She also attended and completed many workshops and certified in several categories of healing.

Fatima has been practicing Tibetan healing for 8 years with honors and admiration for all the monks that have bestowed upon her.