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Spiritual Healing

  • Benefits of healing:
  •  Releasing the weight of emotional and mental baggage such as fear, anger and pain. 
  •  Letting go of outdated belief systems that keep us trapped in unhealthy behavior patterns.   
  • Opening your energetic field for greater ease in finding your true life work and path.  
  •  Resolves deep cellular patterning of core issues carried over from other lifetimes.   
  • Increases a sense of inner peace, lightness and well-bring, allowing one to move easily into the FLOW of life, letting go of struggle and experiencing more ease and grace in daily living.   

Spiritual Readings

I will rebuild and empower the Human energy field through transmissions of divine frequencies of love, light and  guidance. Freedom, lightness and flow are the result of absolving energies that are creating mental stagnation, emotional imbalance, physical suffering, spiritual disconnection, confusion and fear. You may have emotional releases as energies and issues come up for healing. You may feel a variety of sensations in the body as the energy moves and clears.

Incensce Boxes and Body Oils

We offer a variety of products and tools to help with your spiritual needs. 

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